Public to Private and back again?

I read this first through Ian Anstice’s excellent Public Library News and felt the need to spread the news further.

The Commercial Appeal News  in Tennessee has reported that library officials in Millington want to cut ties with their private operator LSSI  and create a library services department in the city again.

They say the move will save the city money, improve customer service and provide more book options for residents. “LSSI is making it very hard for the Millington Public Library to be the Millington Public Library,” Hartley, chair of the Millington Library Board said.

Hartley recommended that the board end its contract with LSSI this month, in time to give the company the required 180 days notice. Standing next to her in support Monday night was Brian Miller, director of the Millington Public Library and LSSI employee. Miller said LSSI has repeatedly denied the Millington library’s requests for specific books because they weren’t on the company’s approved list. And he said, the contractor has made it difficult to get electronic books and requires the library to purchase equipment from specific companies, even if it’s cheaper somewhere else.