Several people have written about Greyfriars Bobby and various details and embellishments have been added. Many from imagination and speculation, however it is important to remember that records show that the Skye Terrier, Greyfriars Bobby was a real dog who became a companion to his master John Gray (Auld Jock), in the 1800’s.

The legend of Greyfriars Bobby is known the world over, and we’re celebrating the life one of our city’s favourite characters with some very special events. Look out for more details over the coming days

This annual event which takes place in Greyfriars Kirkyard.

The Rt Hon Donald Wilson, Lord Provost of Edinburgh will open the
Commemoration Ceremony for Greyfriars Bobby at 12.45pm in the Greyfriars Kirkyard on 14th January 2013 and afterwards at Central Library, George IV Bridge.  

Greyfriars Bobby


Publishers and librarians – to partnership!

Stronger together!
We share many of the same audiences from adults children, readers, book lovers researchers students so why any divide ?
As book shops and libraries across the country close, libraries are more than ever ideally placed to showcase a wide range of publishers’ output, to encourage, engage, support and enhance reading through reader development activities, opening new avenues of reading to library users.
E-lending is one of the bigest issues facing public libraries and will be essential if public libraries are to continue to be an integral part of a networked society.
Tomorrow we will explore some of these issues at the Publishing Scotland Open Book Event in Edinburgh.
The only way forward is partnership.

Girls’ Night In !

Shari Low

The lovely Shari Low

Our fabulous girls’ night in!  Central Library was transformed into fabulous fun, author, fashion and make up venue.

Check us out on youtube Girls Night In

What a great event with author Shari Low  author of Friday Night With The Girls

See it on film Shari Low at Central Library

Check out or other ideas too Books for a great girls night in !

10 euros to turn mobile phone users into book readers?

A German e-reader company has launched its device . Likely to be priced at a startling €10, the txtr beagle  5” e-reader is small and light, and runs on two AAA batteries.Txtr Beagle gadget

Txtr is planning to tackle a growing problem: how to turn mobile phone users into book readers, a potential market, which could be huge.

At €10, the beagle may not feel like having to buy another device, and therefore might appeal to readers who want to read digitally, but don’t want to do so on their mobile phones.

Something else for us all in libraries to wrestle with?

Libraries do change lives

Yesterday we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Library Link, a service for anyone who has difficulty getting to their library because of age, disability or ill health.

Library Link provides a service for those who cannot access the service due to physical constraints, organising transport and a volunteer who assists customers from their front door to the library and back again after their visit. In the library customers are free to select their own books, talking books and other materials and then can join other Link members for a cup of tea and a chat

Library link has proven so successful that it was extended across every library in the Capital and is now regarded as a core part of the Libraries and Information Service. 


Isn’t this just fabulous art work which often goes unremarked Well done Joachim !

Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations

1. Harold Bruder’s cover for the 1967 edition of Pyschogeist (1966), L. P. Davies.

Because everyone loves lists…

…I’ve selected from my collection of cover art, placed in no particular order, my fifteen favorite science fiction covers of all time.  Of course, lists being lists, and the fact that I’ve only seen a portion of all the covers ever made, it is incomplete and maleable.  Although many of the most famous sci-fi artists (Powers, Lehr, and pulp masters such as Wesso) feature, some of my favorites are by lesser known artists whose visual contributions to the field should not be forgotten (Bruder, Podwil, Foster, Schongut, etc).

A few points to consider: 1) The artist rarely had control over the font.  If the graphic designer responsible for putting together the final cover wasn’t up to snuff, the text often doesn’t

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Predicting the future in 1953

In 1953 Ray Bradbury wrote about the future in Fahrenheit 451. The character Guy Montag is a fireman in a futuristic world where his job is to set fire to books so that no one will read and consequently understand the hopelessness of reality. His wife lives with tiny shells in her ears and stares at a screen the size of the wall.

How he visualised our world of large screen TVs and I-Pods is amazing. He wrote with an amazingly accurate picture and view of the future. He described a world where we are allPredicting the future drugged with consumerism and shackled by entertainment.

However I will never forget this quotation from him

“Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future”

Ray Bradbury 1920 – 2012

– Science fiction and short story writer