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State of America’s Libraries 2013

Maybe these libraries are on another continent but we all still share the same problems and values.

This report The State of America’s Libraries 2013 confirms that libraries continue to play a transformative role in their communities  even after an economic recession that has left about 12 million Americans unemployed and millions more underemployed.

Over 16,000 public libraries nationwide “offer a lifeline to people trying to adapt to challenging economic circumstances by providing technology training and online resources for employment, access to government resources, continuing education, retooling for new careers, and starting a small business,” Maureen Sullivan, president of the American Library Association, said in an open letter published July 10, 2012.

“More than ever, libraries are community hubs, and it is the librarian who works to maintain a safe harbor for teens, a point of contact for the elderly, and a place to nurture lifelong learning for all.”