Open data – the opportunity

Open data is us! The government’s commitment to open data gives libraries and information services another opportuinty to shine in a new role as the “trusted” channel to a potentially huge information resource for the public.

This is only one of many ways libraries will be “rebranded” as an increasing proportion of our resources and services – and the information in the world that surrounds them – are digital.

What really scares me is the possibility that we miss this potentially major opportunity to capitalise on this as we did with the People’s Network.

With the opening of government agencies’ databanks and the emergence of applications to help present data in a friendly way to the public, libraries must be the vital link to this information for people who don’t have their own access.

The local library has long been an information centre for the community, but those communities are now partly constructed online and through social media, and we must be in the digital world where our customers are


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