Not just about technology

The future of libraries  isn’t just about technology, it’s also very much about information and staying relevant and important to communities. Libraries and Information Services in Edinburgh play a key role encouraging healthy minds and physical activity and in making access to these opportunities easier for all of our citizens to all of the opportunities across Edinburgh.

This work is not only about keeping older people active but also about maximising use and profile of Libraries as community spaces for older people, places where they can volunteer, learn and socialise

One of the ways we do this is through our unique annual publication specifically for our young at heart citizens of Edinburgh – Get up & Go – a free guide to what’s on in Edinburgh. It lists activities to keep fit and active, social events and more importantly it has a one stop directory to all the useful organisations across the city.

We worked with an over 50’s advisory and editorial group, we sourced, catalogued and categorised information on activities from across the city and we linked it to Get Up and Go for IT to teach the senior citizens the skills they need to add to it.

The magazine contains everything that’s happening in our libraries across the city and literally brings libraries into everyone’s homes!

The brochure is available at all libraries, Leisure facilities, doctors’ surgeries, health centres, hospitals, and Bus Station.

An electronic version information is also available through our youredinburgh portal Get Up and Go cover image


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