Opportunity knocks!

Libraries have always been  “physical social networking” places where people are encouraged to enter at no cost, and with few expectations in terms of behaviour and we have huge potential as venues for everyday occasions for informal and formal interaction.

Library staff offer skills and support in social media, technology, information seeking,  and in the use and development of communication systems, which can be used to exploit the available resources and to share knowledge and experience.

Here in Edinburgh, the Libraries and Information services have demonstrated an innovative contribution to the city’s electronic information and technology at the same time as improving access and the quality of service. To understand the drive to support new technology, and mobile devices in particular, it is useful to put the place of the library services in Edinburgh into context. What gives librarians an edge and a future in the digital world?   Information

Not just books and we are now grasping the opportunity to take the lead. We as librarians have an opportunity to create, connect, teach and guide our customers, partners and organisations through the proliferating world of the Internet.

However we need to move fast as its not just about boxes andWherever you are

desks anymore  mobile technology, social media and wi-fi  have already overtaken.


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